A community of self-motivated people building meaningful projects together.

We all have ideas for passion projects, advocacy campaigns, and businesses. But we don’t always have the resources to realize them.

Finding the right team to collaborate with can be an unattainable luxury to many on a tight schedule.

Social media platforms are a common place for finding like-minded collaborators these days, but you’re forced into spending more time sifting through the millions of irrelevant people and content before you can find what you need.

An algorithm-free platform where users can easily find resources is much needed.

A place that favors constructive discussions over algorithmic content.

One where those eager to build things can meet. A platform to discuss global challenges and a place to connect changemakers who want to collaborate and make a bigger impact.

We couldn’t find such a place, so we started one.

Our Vision

Connecting communities. Creating opportunities. Preserving Humanity.

Our Mission

Creating a better world through creativity, collaboration, and personal empowerment.

Made by the community, for the community.

CoTribes is a global collaborative platform that is fully owned, developed, and managed by the community.

Our community is open to everyone from everywhere.

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Our Goals

Preserving Humanity

Preserving humanity and the human craft in the age of artificial intelligence and digital dependency.

Building Societies

Building a global collaborative society and leading social change with a bottom-up approach.

Connecting People

Providing a platform for like-minded motivated professionals to connect and collaborate on authentic passion projects.

Providing Resources

Empowering the community with tools and resources to pitch and build independent projects and initiatives.