Global Collaborations to Build Meaningful Projects

A Brazilian director has an idea for a short animated film with a powerful message. He shares his idea on a public forum to get people’s opinions.

A screenwriter from the UK likes the idea and asks to join the project.

Voice actors from the Philipines, Nigeria, and the US read the script and feel confident they could play the lead roles.

A cinematographer from the Maldives imagines what it could look like and a composer from Japan hears the unwritten score.

An art director from Malaysia, an animation studio from Indonesia, a producer from Kuwait, and a project manager from Australia all collaborate on the shared vision.

Illustrators join in to work on promotional material alongside graphic designers and copywriters.

Along the way, authors, developers, and multimedia designers pitch ideas to extend the reach of the message through books and digital interactive media.

The project grows exponentially and the chances of it being a commercially successful one increase too.

And with a larger team and a better pitch, getting funding from public or private organizations becomes easier.

This is, of course, just one scenario. There are limitless ways in which we can work together to build the projects we want to bring to life.

These projects would help us all grow and earn to do what we do best, on our own terms.

Khalid A
Khalid A
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