Life in Algorithms, or Something Sponsored

Take a sip of your morning coffee. Get on social media.
Take a break from work. Get on social media.
Meet your friends. Get on social media.
Spend time with family. Get on social media.

Searching for a job, clients, or partners?
Looking for friends, dates, or ideas?

Get on social media.


It’s where everyone’s at. You don’t wanna miss out!

It’s where we share ideas, speak our minds, and get creative!

It’s the new era of connectivity!


Maybe you’re too young to remember. Maybe you didn’t spend enough time online “back in the day”. But the pre-social media internet was a place of true creativity and collaboration.

We created with passion and explored with curiosity. We built communities for like-minded people because we cared.


Then came the dawn of digital marketing and profiteering; sponsored content and algorithmic feeds.

Want to get your idea through to people? Play the game and jump through the hoops and loops.

10 comments before you post; 20 after. 15 reactions before the break of dawn; 35 after. Squares, verticals, and carousels. 10 paragraphs. Post in 4-hour 23-minute intervals or you’ll be banished. Post every Tuesday morning between 6 and 9; not after 10. Definitely not on a Sunday night.

Did I not tell you to not write long paragraphs?


Show me your face.
Show me your kids.
Show me your pets.
Show me your life.

But don’t show me too much ‘cause you might just get canceled.

Rest assured, tomorrow won’t be the same.
Algorithm’s changed. You’re out.


5 tactics, 10 formats in 20 styles. Multiplied and divided into 20 pieces of neatly trimmed useless pieces of content.

More data. Less consent.
More content. Less conception.
More media. Less conviction.


Step back in line, child! Don’t tell ‘em how it is. You’ll lose your chances of survival. It’s LinkedIn, for God’s sake! Be professional!

Remove God. God’s not trending anymore.


Truth is, we don’t need machines to learn our patterns. We’re training ourselves to accommodate to its patterns.

AI here, AI there.

Say the magic word in 10 posts, get your 10 points, and out the door you go, child. You’ll be forgotten in 10 years anyway.

What’s the hype in 10 months?


We live between the fallacy of the next new thing and the first old thing.

New ways to make the same old shit.

Funny thing is, some of you will read this thinking I’m the odd one out.

No, sir. It is you whose mind is lost.

And then there’s the crowd who concluded that any effort to change things is futile.

“Surrender to the machine, child, for neither you nor I can change it!”


First, they’ll take your time. Then, they’ll take your thoughts. Then, they’ll take your job. And finally, they’ll take your mind.

Or is it the other way around?

Doesn’t matter. Remix and reshare. It’s all content anyway.

Life in algorithms.

Khalid A
Khalid A
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